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11. Brindle - Scryer Extraordinaire - Returns

The second in the series of Brindle - Scryer Extraordinaire.

Brindle, the super scryer from Hawaii continues her adventures with her group of friends gifted with supernatural powers in Japan. An interesting read for adults.

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12. Brindle - Scryer Extraordinaire - Challenges

Brindle and her unique group of friends with supernatural powers are still going strong as their saga continues in the third book in this series.

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13. Dimension Jumpers

The earth is threatened by two dimensions that are set to intersect with it on December 22, 2012. Arlene and Bill, both in their late fifties, are chosen by an alien device to save the world by entering the dimensions and convincing their inhabitants to help avert the disaster.

14. Japanese Woman

Takako, a Japanese housewife in the late 20th century, is confronted with the restrictions and mores of her culture. Faced with a philandering husband and social pressures designed to create the "ideal housewife" she struggles to find a way out of her predicament.

Others that touch her life in various ways are also busy carving out their own paths in the restrictive culture.

A good read for adults interested in the Japanese culture of the period.

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