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We are located in Kawachinagano City, Osaka, Japan.

TanuTech was founded as A.E.L.S., Inc. in 1981 by Billy Hammond. Originally a translation company, we later branched into software localization and publishing. In 1992, we began wholesale book distribution for a German publishing company, and have handled the distribution for Great Britain's Exley Giftbooks in addition to our other activities in the past. In 2005, we moved our operation from Sakai City to Kawachinagano City. After many years in the translation and publishing field, in 2006 we decided to shift our business focus to agriculture, in keeping with Billy's advancing age. We downsized our translation business and currently only accept projects from those clients we have served in the past.

We are neither looking for nor hiring translators. Please refrain from sending resumes.


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