By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

When I was about four or five years old, I began to have a recurrent dream of a naked young woman in her late teens. The dream would reoccur at least once a week and there wasn’t a week that went by when I didn’t have the dream.

In my dream, the woman was always sitting or standing by the same low waterfall and I could vividly see the water-worn stones in the water and around the waterfall.

The dreams came regularly for years until one day when I was in 7th grade, my close friend invited me to go and stay with him for a week at his uncle’s place in Waipio Valley. In those days, Waipio Valley was extremely isolated and very few people got to go there, so I was quite fortunate to get a chance to visit the unspoiled, remote valley.

We spent the first few days swimming in the river where it met the sea, exploring the area around his uncle’s farm and having a good time. On about the third day, his uncle decided to go and pick warabi, which is a kind of edible fern shoot. We rode in the back of his pickup as he forded streams and went deeper into the rain forest. He finally stopped where the road ended and we got out to hunt for warabi. We followed the stream picking warabi and “Lo and behold!” we came to the same waterfall that had been in my dreams for years! Of course, the naked girl wasn’t there, but everything else was exactly as it had appeared in my persistent dreams.

The dreams stopped after that, but left me wondering what they were all about for many years. I recently asked my sister to ask some of her friends with connections to the few people living in Waipio Valley and one of them offered an explanation, saying “She’s a goddess of farming and she wanted to give your brother her blessing.”

Reflecting back, there would seem to have been a lot to her blessing because I’ve always been good at growing plants, both as a commercial vegetable farmer in Hawaii and as a vegetable gardener today. I really feel thankful for her blessing!








By Billy Hammond (Copyright A.E.L.S)


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