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Health and Medicine (健康・医療)

Saturday Night Palsy (土曜の夜のまひ)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) Medical conditions often have interesting names. One of these is “Saturday Night Palsy” and it often appears in USMLE Step 1 question books. The typical situation is a guy on a date who falls asleep with his arm around a girl and wakes up to find that he can’t extend his elbow, wrist and fingers, meaning they hang down limp in a condition known as “wrist drop.” Another favorite setting is a drunk in a bar who falls asleep with his arm on the counter. Most of the texts mention that the same symptoms can result from a humerus fracture or lead poisoning in passing. The cause is the compression of the radial nerve in the axilla (armpit) and the same symptoms can result from using crutches. 土曜の夜のまひ 医学には面白い病名は時々ある。米国の医師免許Step 1(USMLE Step 1)問題集によくでるのは『土曜の夜のまひ』だ。一つのよく上げる例題には映画館のデートで男は彼女の肩に腕を回して寝てしまう。起きてから肘下よりの麻痺があり、手首や指を上げられねい状態。他のよく使う場面は酔った人がバーの上に腕を出したまま寝てしまう。松葉づえの使用からも起きられるのも注意書きとして書かれている問題集も多い。他の注意点は、上腕骨骨折または鉛中毒から起きることもある。 麻痺の原因は脇下の橈骨神経の圧迫で、時間が経てば解決する。 ************ English […]

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