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The Location of Consciousness (Where thoughts arise from) 意識の源(考えの発生源)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) In the neuroscience and clinical neurology courses I’ve taken, I’d been led to believe that the conscious was generated in the neocortex of the brain. Yesterday, I began reading a book by a neurosurgeon* who experienced a bacterial meningitis infection that effectively incapacitated the cortex of his brain for almost a week. In spite of the physical impairment of his neocortex, he was able to have lucid and deep experiences which should have been medically impossible if the consciousness literally resides in the brain.   This has extreme implications that I plan to write about in future blogs. Stay tuned for more.   *Living in a Mindful Universe by Eben Alexander, M.D. Next post in this series 意識の源(考えの発生源)   今まで受けた神経科学や臨床神経学コースでは意識の発生源は大脳新皮質にある ように教わった。しかし、昨日、大脳新皮質が急性細菌性髄膜炎により約1週間に渡って無効にされた神経外科医*の書いた本を読み始めた。大脳新皮質の無機能状態にも関わらず、彼は医学的に不可能な明快な深い経験が出来た。意識の源は脳にあるなら、これは考えられない。   これの意義は面白いなのでまたブログで続きを書く予定。 このシリーズの次のブログ記事へ *Living in a Mindful Universe by Eben Alexander, M.D. By Billy […]

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