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The Tecumseh Prophecy (テクムセー大統領予言)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) July 30, 2020 The Tecumseh Prophecy The Shawnee chief Tecumseh made a prophecy about future American presidents in 1813. He prophesied that every 20th year American president would die and that the elections of each of these presidents would be followed by wars within seven years of their elections. Since then seven presidents elected during those years have died in office, while Reagan survived an assassination attempt. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and G.W. Bush, Jr. did not die. テクムセー大統領予言 1813年にショーニー族のテクムセー首長は未来の米国大統領について予言した。20年毎に米大統領が任務中に死ぬと預言した。更に、それぞれの大統領の選挙の7年以内に戦争が起きるとも予言した。 それ以来、予言通り7人の米大統領が任務中に亡くなった*。トマス・ジェファーソン、ジェームズ・モンロー及びジョージ・ウオーカー・ブッシュだけが亡くならなかった。 *リンク先は英語の記事 ************** English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS (AELS出版英語書籍リスト)   I. Majoh Gakuin and Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools Trilogy 1. Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools 2. Lost Witch (The second book) 3. Fate & Magic (The final book in the trilogy) II. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire […]

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