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Reusable Bags: No Service?(再利用買物袋はだめ!)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) April 1, 2020 My friend in California posted a link to an interesting article about how customers bringing their own ecologically-friendly bags to supermarkets and other retail outlets will have to fill them themselves due to COVID-19 fears. The markets have banned their employees from filling the bags of customers who bring their own. It seems that some stores are even offering free paper or plastic bags to customers. The idea behind this seems to be that reusable bags can be a source of virus transmission. The store workers are allowed to fill the free bags supplied by the stores themselves. All of this comes just as Japan kicks off its campaign to push reusable bags! 再利用買物袋はだめ! キャリフォーニア州に住んでいる友人は面白いリンクをポストした。どうやら再利用可能な買物袋を持って来るスーパーや他の店の買物客は自分で詰めなければならない。COVID-19の感染恐れで店員さんは持ち込んだ袋に商品を入れることが禁じられている。 更に、いくつかの店はお客様に無料の紙またはビニル袋を提供している。それらの袋なら店員さんは詰めるそうだ。その理由は再利用買物袋はウイルス感染源となるらしっくって、店員さんの安全確保だ。 あーあー、日本は再利用買物袋をプッシュするためにビニール袋を有料化したばかりだ! *************** English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS (AELS出版英語書籍リスト)   I. Majoh Gakuin and […]

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