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Sharpening Hypodermic Needles (注射針を研ぐ)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) May 30, 2020 I was a voracious reader when I was young and one of the targets of my reading was my mom’s nursing school textbooks. One of the skills nurses back then learned was how to sharpen hypodermic needles. It’s something that’s unthinkable in these days of the disposable syringe sets and sharps disposal containers, but in those days syringes were made out of glass and needles were reused over and over. Our local doctor always had a bunch of syringes soaking in a jar of alcohol on a shelf near his desk and filling a syringe was something that was a common practice back then. Of course, most needles were of a larger bore than today so they hurt more. 注射針を研ぐ 小学生の頃、私は本が大好きだったで、母の看護学校の教科書を全て読んだ。 当時の看護学生が習った技術の一つは『注射針の研ぎ方』。現在の使い捨て時代には考えられないことだけど、当時それは当たり前だった。注射器は再利用可能のガラス製で針は何度も使うものだった。 地元の医師の医院には先生の机の近くにはいつもアルコールの瓶の中には何本の注射器が漬けられていた。薬はそれに吸い込んで注入した。現在の注射針よりも大抵、直径が大きかったのでより痛かった。 ************** billyinjapan過去(2ケ月前以上)のブログ記事は彼のウエブサイトで観れます (billyinjapan blog posts older than 2 months […]

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