By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

There are five currently accepted stages of sleep, although some authors will group Stages 3 and 4 together to yield 4 stages.

Stage 1

Your eyes are closed, but you can be awakened easily. The EEG frequency is only slightly lower than the waking state and muscle tone is present in the skeletal muscles. Respiration is regular.

Stage 2

The light sleep stage. Your pulse slows down and your body temperature drops. An EEG will show saw-tooth waves and “sleep spindles”.

Stage 3, Stage 4

The deep sleep stages. It’s hard to awaken you and if you are awakened in this stage, you’ll feel disoriented.

An EEG will show a slower frequency with high amplitude waves (delta waves).

This is the rejuvenative phase of sleep. The body regrows bone and muscle and repairs tissues. Your immune system is also active in this stage. Growth hormone is also released during this stage.

Stage 5

This is the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep (Stages 1 to 3 consist of non-REM sleep).

It generally starts about an hour and a half after the beginning of Stage 1 and lasts roughly 10 minutes. The time spans increase as you cycle through sleep to where your REM period reaches about an hour.

REM sleep is the period where intense dreams often occur due to the increased brain activity in this stage. Although dreaming also occurs during non-REM sleep, the dreams are more mundane and are unlikely to be intense. An EEG will show activity similar to the awakened state. The skeletal muscles are atonic in this stage. Respiration is irregular and the heart rate is often increased.

Babies spend about 50% of their sleep time in REM sleep as opposed to the 20% in adults.









EEG上では周波数は比較的に遅く、高振幅波形(デルタ波)が観られる。第3と第4段階中、骨増殖 や筋肉組織回復が行われる。免疫システムも活発的に機能する。 成長ホルモンが分泌される。






EEGは起きている状態と殆ど変わらない。骨格筋は無緊張状態で、呼吸にはみだりや心拍数の増加 が診れる。



By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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