By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I’m sure that almost everyone has heard stories of someone who is near to death talking about visitors that are family or friends who have departed from life before them.


Dr. Christopher Kerr and his team at the Hospice Buffalo in New York State have documented over 14,000* cases of the dreams and visions patients have had shortly before death for ten years.


In the video, Dr. Kerr relates how in the beginning he was surprised at how accurate the nurses were at predicting the fast-approaching death of patients. The incident that got him started on his research was a patient whom he thought should be able to live a little longer through IV feeding, antibiotics and supportive care. His nurse Nancy, countered his observation by saying, “No, no he’s dying.” and when he asked her why she said, “Well, he’s seeing his deceased mother.”


Dr. Kerr has found that the dreams tend to be comforting and in that respect, have therapeutic value. He noted that the dreams tend to have common content, with 72% of the patients having seen people who have passed on earlier, 59% seeing dreams of preparing to go on a trip, 29% viewing scenes of people still alive and 28% reporting other meaningful experiences.


Dreams of the departed provided more comfort than those of the living and they tended to increase the closer the patient approached death.


* In the video he gives the number as fourteen hundred (1,400) but in his CBS and other interviews he reports it as 14,000 so I took the video value as a “slip of the tongue”















By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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