By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

According to my dad, this occurred in the dead of winter in Germany during WWII. Dad was driving the lead truck in a convoy in what was close to a white-out. He nudged his truck along slowly following the dim outline of what he thought was the road. He was thinking that they should be approaching a bridge that was on the map soon when he spotted a man standing in the road. Visibility was terrible, but he could see that man was unarmed and wasn’t wearing a German uniform. He got out to talk to the man and wondered if he was crazy, since only a person who had mental problems would be standing in the middle of the road in a blizzard.


He’d gotten to within a few yards of the man when the man vanished. He walked over to where the man had been standing and in a brief lapse in the snowstorm, managed to see that the bridge which was right ahead of them had been destroyed. The ghost had saved his convoy! Had the ghost not appeared, you wouldn’t be reading this now…






By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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