By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I took an MOOC course in Thoracic Oncology from the University of Michigan about a year and a half ago.


One of the topics covered in the class was the use of the Da Vinci Robot System, which makes use of avant-guarde technology. I happened to be reading through my class notes today and recalled that the professor pointed out that the latest is not always the greatest.


Here are some facts from my notes.


Robot + Teaching Console: $25,000

Annual Service Contract: $165,000

Support Salary and Benefits: $75,000

Supplies per Case: $5,000


Adverse events reported to the FDA 1/2000 to 12/2012

4,798 adverse events

85 deaths

414 injuries

3,402 device malfunctions


The professor noted the safety critical (injuries or death) reports increased from 13.3/100,000 procedures in 2004 to 50/100,000 in 2012.


He compared this to the accidents in aviation which were constant through 1998-2011 with a rate of 0.01-1.81/100,000 flight departures.


Here in Japan, where hospitals tend to want to rush in the latest equipment, you might really want to think hard if your surgeon tells you he wants to do robot surgery on you.










ロボット本体+指導用のコンソール: 2,770,000









By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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