By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

About 35 years ago, one of my students who worked at a bank came to my school for her group lesson. She was in a group of four and usually was the most cheerful person in the class. She was always friendly and usually quite talkative.


That evening though, I noticed that she seemed depressed and unable to concentrate on the lesson. It was clear that her mind was elsewhere.


She lingered at the school after class and it was obvious that she wanted to talk to me. I made some instant coffee and had her sit down in our student waiting room, where students who arrived early would wait until the time their lessons started.


I put the coffee in front of her and opened the conversation by asking, “Is anything wrong?” at which she broke into tears. I waited a few minutes and when she’d gained enough composure to speak, she began to tell me her problem. It seemed that her family had some financial problems and her father had disappeared. I’ve long since forgotten the reason, but she explained the urgent need to contact her father. Neither she nor her mother had an address or any idea of where he was, let alone his phone number.


I surprised her by asking, “When would you like him to call you?”


At first she thought I was joking, but I’d done some fairly interesting ki demonstrations in her class and she knew I could do some things most people can’t, so she ventured to ask, “Can you really make him phone my mother?”


I told her, “Yes, from what you’ve told me he still likes you and your mother so I’m pretty sure I can. Will your mother be home tomorrow evening to take the call if he calls then?”


She told me that she was sure her mother would be home by seven and that she’d make sure she didn’t go out. I had her think of an image of her father the last time she’d seen him and asked her what his first name was. I picked up on the image and said, “He’ll call your home tomorrow night after seven.”


A week passed and she came to class smiling. She said, “I don’t know how you did it but he called at 7:30 last week on the day you said he would. My mother said to tell you, “Thank you!”


I was very happy to have been able to have helped her!





















By Billy Hammond  (Copyright AELS)


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原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools – English Edition (魔女学院&光塾(英語)

By Billy Hammond

迷える魔女の戦い (魔女学院&光塾シリーズ第2)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


Lost Witch (Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku Series Book 2) – English Edition (迷える魔女: 魔女学院&光塾第2弾:英語版)

By Billy Hammond

幸せを運ぶ魔法のチャレンジ 魔女学院&光塾シリーズの第3(Fate & Magic Jp)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


“Fate & Magic” Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku Series – Japanese Witch Schools Book 3 – English Edition (幸せを運ぶ魔法のチャレンジの英語版)

By Billy Hammond

Regressed 「過去に生きて・・・」

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


Regressed – English Edition

By Billy Hammond