By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

If you want to increase the number of buyers visiting your business while providing spiritual protection for it, this spell should do it.

You’ll need to clean the walkway leading to your building and any steps at the entrance as a first step. Use a mop if possible or a garden hose and a brush. Next, clean your way into your business office or store and work towards the center of the room or rooms of your office or shop.

Spell ingredients

Rainwater or mineral water

Ground cinnamon

Brown sugar

*Red brick dust

White vinegar

Traditionally, you’re supposed to mix the ingredients and mop the area you cleaned with it. However, due to the problems with cinnamon floating on water and brick dust settling, I’ll suggest an alternative method here. Once it dries, it will attract customers and business.


Wash the walkway and front steps leading to your business or office. You can use a mop or hose and brush if needed. Mop the floors inside your office starting from the walls and work towards the center of the room in a spiral fashion.

Mix the water, brown sugar (0.18 oz) and white vinegar (0.17 oz) in one quart of water and transfer to a large spray bottle. Shake well.


Spray the areas you cleaned while shaking the spray bottle from time to time to keep the ingredients mixed. Start from the outside where you first started cleaning while sprinkling the red brick dust and ground powdered cinnamon on the sprayed areas as you go. Follow the same spiral pattern in your shop or office.

As soon as it dries the spell should start attracting customers to your business.

* You can buy a red brick at the local building supplies store and use a hammer to break it up and powder it. Use a sledge hammer or old hammer that you won’t use for driving nails. You’ll ruin the hammer head face of a carpenter’s claw hammer and it might slip when you use it, making it dangerous. A fifth of a regular brick should provide ample power if you pulverize it enough and should leave you with extra for use when you want to reinforce the spell.






雨水またはミネラルウォーター (1L)

ブラウンシュガー (5g)

ホワイトビネガー (5ml)



1L(またはそれ以上)の噴霧ボトル に水、ブラウンシュガー 及びホワイトビネガーを混ぜる。




By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


Books published by AELS (AELS出版書籍)


原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


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By Billy Hammond

迷える魔女の戦い (魔女学院&光塾シリーズ第2)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


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幸せを運ぶ魔法のチャレンジ 魔女学院&光塾シリーズの第3(Fate & Magic Jp)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


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By Billy Hammond

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原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


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By Billy Hammond