By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I’ve had sleepwalking episodes ever since I can remember. Of course, I don’t remember what happened during the episodes, but other people have told me about them or in some cases the evidence upon waking up is irrefutable.


Medically known as “somnabulism” it has been estimated to occur in 1.5 to 15% of the population, with the highest incidences in children between three and seven. It occurs during the Stage III and IV non-REM deep sleep phase.


I’m always a bit surprised when I wake up after having a sleepwalking episode. I once woke up on the beach and have awakened in my car a few times (apparently I didn’t do any driving). Sometimes the incidents are comical, like finding my flashlight in my refrigerator or my socks in the bathtub.


When I was younger, a doctor told my parents, “he’ll grow out of it.” Well, he was wrong and I’ve adjusted to the idea that it’s something that will probably stay with me until I die.





医学用語では『夢遊症』と知られ、人口の1.5%15%には発生すると予測されている。最も高い比率は3歳~7歳の子供だそうだ。非レム睡眠のStage IIIStage IV段階に発生する。





By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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