By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

It was a warm day in early summer 2009. I had several crates of vegetables I was set to take to a company in a neighboring city that was helping me out by selling my crops to their workers during their lunch hour. I would take the vegetables there before their lunch hour and come back to get the crates and the sales money after I finished teaching my class in the same city.


An urgent phone call came in just as I was about to leave the house and tied me up for thirty minutes. I kept looking at the clock as I tried to get through the call, thinking that the delivery was becoming more impossible with each passing minute. When I finally managed to hang up, I realized that I’d be missing the delivery because there was no way I could make the drive in time.


I jumped in my station wagon and headed out, attempting to contact the secretary who always helped me out on my cell phone. Unfortunately, she was out of the office, so I apologized and left a message saying that I might not be able to make the delivery on time.


I asked my guardian angels to help me out and something odd happened. I was driving, but I felt as if I were in a daze. I hit all of the lights on the road to the company on green. Intersections that were always clogged with traffic were miraculously clear and I breezed through them. Still, arriving at the company in thirty minutes after leaving my house should have been physically impossible. Even driving that road to the school at least five minutes away from the company where I taught martial arts at 5:30 in the morning took thirty-five minutes with almost no cars on the road.


I stopped looking at my dashboard clock and didn’t look at it again until I’d parked in the company’s parking lot. When I looked at it, I found that I’d made what should have been over an hour’s drive in 30 minutes!


My guardian angels had helped me out again!













By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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