By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Over the years I’ve handled many requests to help with strange supernatural occurrences in homes, buildings and other places.


One of my first questions is always, “Do you have a cat?” If the answer is “yes”, then I’ll ask a lot more questions about the cat’s behavior in the space in question because cats are great ghost detectors. They can see ghosts and react to them in ways that an observant owner can notice.


I’ve seen photos taken of cats staring at spirits and ghosts. The cats are always on target.


Cats are also very telepathic and will often convey to me what kind of entity is there and how dangerous it is. Some cats are friendly enough to even transmit images to me when the problem is in an area like an attic that can’t be seen directly.


Cats are also good at getting rid of weaker entities and I’ve read that in Russia, people will keep a cat in an old home to rid it of any ghosts that might be there.


As for me, I don’t have a cat, but cats seem to like me. When I lived with my parents my younger sister liked animals and had thirteen cats plus a dog. One of the thirteen cats was allowed to be in the house, while the other twelve had to stay outside. For some reason or other, Tiger the house cat would always find his way to my bed and sleep at my feet. I’d often find him next to my face when I woke up. The outside cats would also follow me around when I went to work in the coffee orchard behind our house.


The cats would often alert me to the approach of a visitor to the orchard way before I could see or sense the person. In addition to being good ghost detectors, cats are also wonderful people detectors! Cats are amazing!

















By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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