By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

A rather famous reincarnation case in the West is the story of James Leininger. The Daily Mail reported on it on August 29, 2009 in an article penned by Zoe Brennan, but it has appeared elsewhere in other publications as well.


On May 1, 2000, 2 year old James Leininger had his first nightmare and woke up screaming. The nightmares soon increased to five a week and James began to yell about a plane on fire. Over the next three years, he spoke of “a little man” who couldn’t get out of the plane and said the man’s name was James. Other names from his nightmares were “Jack Larsen”, “Natoma” and “Corsair”.


His father Bruce began a three year search to solve the mystery which had more clues added as James grew older. For example, at a toy shop he correctly identified a drop tank on a WWII plane which his mother had mistaken for a bomb.


He spoke of a flaming plane crash and said the Japanese had shot it down. When asked what kind of plane it was, James instantly replied, “Corsair.” When his parents asked him where the plane had taken off from, he replied, “a boat” and said the boat’s name was “the Natona.”


When his father ordered a book about the “Battle of Iwo Jima” as a gift, James pointed at a photo in the book and said, “That’s where my plane was shot down.” He went on to later identify his best friend as a “Jack Larsen” who he said was a pilot too.


Jame’s father started investigating and found that there was an aircraft carrier called the “Natoma Bay” that had served in the Marine’s invasion of Okinawa in 1945. He also found “Jack Larson” and learned that his friend James Huston Jr. had died in a plane crash after his plane was shot and caught fire, exactly as James had described it.


James later was able to point out where his plane went down and his father’s talks with another pilot who saw it crash verified that he had chosen the correct place.


All of the evidence points to James Leininger as being the reincarnation of James Huston Jr.





英語圏ではジェイムズ ・レイニンガーの生まれ変わりの話しは有名。英国のDaily Mail2009829日のゾエ・ブレネン筆の記事に取り上げたが、他の新聞などにも報告されている。


200051日にルイジアナ州に住んでいた2歳のジェイムズ ・レイニンガーは初めての悪夢を見た。大声を出しながら泣き続けた。時が経つにつれて悪夢は週に5回まで増え、ジェイムズが燃えている飛行機について叫ぶようになった。飛行機から脱出できないジェイムズと言う『小さい男』のことも話すようになった。次の3年間に悪夢からの名前が増えた。「ジャック・ラーセン」、「ネトマ」、「コルセア」が「ジェイムズ」の名前が加わった。




彼は飛行機が燃えている墜落した話しをして、日本軍が飛行機を撃ち落としたとも言い出した。撃ち落とした飛行機の種類を聞かれたら「 コルセア」と答えた。両親が飛行機の離陸地を聞くと「船から」と答えて、船の名は『ネトマ』とも追加した。




ジェイムズの父の調べで『ネトマ・ベー』と言う空母の存在やそれが1945年の海兵隊の硫黄島戦に活躍ことが分かった。『ジャック・ラーセン』と言う人物も解明し、彼は『ジェイムズ・ハスタン・ジュニア』の親友であったことまでも明らかになった。さらに、ジェイムズが語った通り、 ジェイムズ・ハスタン・ジュニア氏は日本軍に撃たれた後、出火したまま墜落したことも事実だったことも分かった。




全ての証拠から考えると、ジェイムズ ・レイニンガーは恐らく第二次世界大戦米空軍パイロットであったジャック・ラーセンの生まれ変わりと断定してもおかしくない。

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AElS)


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