By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Uploaded January 7, 2022 (on ameblo on January 2, 2022)

Predictions 2022

December 31, 2020 and January 1, 2022

Uploaded January 2, 2022



Most of you who have read my predictions before know that not all of them come true. When I look into the future, I often see multiple timelines and try to follow each of them. In 2021, the timelines affected by Biden and Trump were really “shaky” and neither had really good futures, with the one with Biden as President being the worse one. I think it’s evident to everyone by now that his future was bad for the US.

Overall, 2022 seems to be a year of natural disasters on parade worldwide. As for America, I saw glimpses of more trouble in US democratic-led cities and further divisions among the people.

Just as in past years, I’ve marked what I’ve seen in my visions with an asterisk and left what I intuited unmarked.

I hope that much of what I’ve seen and intuited doesn’t become a reality!


*Two problems from space coming to earth (meteors? space junk?).

*Lots of volcanic activity around the world, but especially in the Pacific, especially in and around Japan and on the US West Coast and off of Chile.

*Many, many earthquakes – the entire planet was vibrating in my visions.

*Violent winds (typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes…) whip around the earth during the year hitting most of the countries around the world.

Late side-effects from the vaccine start to appear. The truth about deaths from the vaccines comes out into the open.

Chinese hacking becomes a major problem in developed nations.

*Severe cold in the US and Europe.

Dictatorships and one-man rule thrive in most futures in 2022.

*A major solar storm causes communication disruptions around the world.

People were looking in the skies a lot in 2022, so there may be a large amount of astronomical or UFO activity.


*Many earthquakes around the country, with more in Kanto than in the past few years. Volcanic eruptions in Japanese territory, including more underwater eruptions.

*Japan recovers from the coronavirus (people were moving around and going about their business as usual around Obon in the strongest future).

Relations with S. Korea reach new lows until the government is forced to consider disengaging from doing business with the country.

Relations with the US remain unstable for as long as the democrats retain power. *There was a crisis in one future wherein the US failed to side with Japan and refused to honor the Mutual Defense Pact. *In a separate future where the republicans won the majority in the 2022 midterms, relations were restored with Japan, but this was more in 2023 than 2022.

*The current winter lasts longer this year than last. The winter of late 2022 will be quite severe.

*Major typhoons once again.

PM Kishida’s weak responses to the natural disasters this year and to China lead to a call for his replacement. In one future, Representative Takaishi became the first woman Japanese PM.

*Some foods become very scarce due to competition with other countries for supplies and overall production shortages (beef, grain products, soybeans…).

*Natural disasters will replace the coronavirus in the news.

Many new Japanese companies will spring up to replace those that didn’t survive the pandemic. More Japanese companies that learned the importance of in-country production will come to their senses and bring manufacturing back to Japan. Japan starts to play “catch up” and reverse its self-inflicted damage caused by manufacturing overseas.


*Major democratic cities become lawless jungles where crime becomes unstoppable. Businesses leave the big cities due to crime and there’s an exodus of people due to the danger of living in them.

The truth of the rigged 2020 election becomes apparent to everyone. Democrats backed by Big Tech money and China try to do a repeat of rigging the 2020 midterms, but fail in most states.

*Increased geological activity (earthquakes and eruptions) and a superstorm in the South.

Christianity suffers more persecution by the leftists and democrats.

*Volcanic events on the West Coast.

*Biden wasn’t in the White House at the end of the year.

The US suffers from major shortages and record inflation.

Discrimination against the unvaxxed will increase.


In one future with Biden’s administration in power, Russia sides with China to take control of the Pacific.

Russia joins with China to try and disconnect the world from the US dollar.

Biden’s powerlessness and ignorance push Russia to invade the Ukraine.


US influence in Europe is weakened by Russia during the early months of the year. *Floods in many EU countries like Germany. The struggling EU economies become targets for Chinese money as the Chinese try to “buy up Europe.”

*Severe cold in 2022 causes much hardship all over Europe.


*More famine in Africa this year. The Chinese start to call in their investments and speed up stealing resources on the continent.

South Africa becomes a data role model for not using the vaccines against the corona virus.


*Covid measures cause a revolution against the government in Australia. Major government changes.

South America

*Geologic activity, especially off the coast of Chile.

*A new plant disease emerges in South America that affects coffee. Note: In my vision, the leaves were damaged, so it may have been frost as well.


China’s economy starts to fail and the government tries to intercede by taking over various industries. This approach doesn’t work and productivity goes down. Other countries wake up to China’s thefts of intellectual property and start locking down their technology by shifting manufacturing home (especially the US and Japan).

Backed into a corner by his failing policies, President Xi attempts to take over what he sees as “easy targets” like the Senkakus and Taiwan.

*China will attempt to control the Pacific this year (I saw Chinese military ships all over the Pacific in almost every future for 2022).

*Many people suffer from diseases related to China’s unbridled pollution, while the government tries to hide it, but sufficient cases become exposed to make it known overseas.

*Many floods in China.

Chinese experiments in making mixed species-humans begin to show success.

China unveils new military technology that the US cannot match.

*China’s use of psychics for espionage comes to light.

*China attacks Taiwan in almost all futures.

N. Korea

Kim Yo Jong reinforces her grip on power through her control of the doubles posing as Kim Jong Un.

Middle East

More poverty and in-country level conflicts as the US forgets about them. Israelis start to show severe side-effects from the vaccines.




























*収穫不足と国際競争によって何個かの食料が不足になる(牛肉、穀物 、大豆・・・)








































金正恩 の妹金与正(読み方:キム・ヨジョン)が影武者を利用し、支配を強める。