By Billy Hammond

Brindle Hermann – descended from a long line of scryers – had been shown the end of humankind in her crystal time and time again.

Living alone quietly in her house near the volcano on the Big Island, she was powerless to do anything to try and change the future until one day a request for a crystal reading from a client in Japan led to an invitation to join a group that could alter the future of the human race.

She accepts the invitation and teams up with six Japanese and an Australian, all of whom have special “gifts” and they set about trying to prevent the human race from destroying itself.

This is the first of a series about Brindle and her unique friends.

A good read for adults who enjoy fantasy and the paranormal.

Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire

Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire』は2015年に私の書いた小説。残念ながら英語版しかない。







Brindle - Scryer Extraordinaire
Brindle - Scryer Extraordinaire

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The first book in the Brindle Scryer Series trilogy.

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