April 24, 2021

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Teaching Principles

The anatomy course I’m taking now is based on four teaching principles, which can be applied to most subjects. I’ve instinctively used them in teaching for years, but have never summarized them as clearly as the professor teaching the course did.

1. Even very complicated subjects can be distilled down to basic principles.

2. Curiosity drives learning.

3. Affirmation sustains learning.

Confirming what you learned right as well as what you did wrong is important.

4. Assessment can help refine learning.

Checking what you learned makes sure that you’ve learned enough to proceed.

*From the AnatomyX lecture by Professor Trudy Van Houton, Director of the Clinical Applications of Anatomy |Course, Harvard Medical School



1. 難しい科目でもより簡単な原理に分離できる。

2. 好奇心は学習を駆動する.

3. 確認は学習を維持する。


4. 評価は学習を磨く。


上記の4点はTrudy Van Houten教授のAnatomyX講義からの引用。彼女はハーバード大学医学部の解剖学臨床応用のディレクタである。


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