By Billy Hammond

February 22, 2021

In the famous case of James Leininger, the young boy who remembered being a US pilot shot down in WWII, there is another aspect to his story with interesting implications.

It seems that he remembered being able to choose his birth parents while he was in “heaven” He apparently chose his parents while they were in Hawaii before he was born*. He offered specific information about the couple’s stay there.

This advances an interesting idea: that the deceased get to choose their parents. Dr. Tucker mentions other instances in his well-researched book, “Return to Life”, but this example is the most intriguing , because the geographical distances involved in this case are so wide.


第二次世界大戦にパイロットであったジェイムズ ・レイニンガー の有名な輪廻例の話の中には面白い情報がある。


この例により、生まれ変わる前に親を選べることが考える。タッカー先生は他の似た実例 をReturn to Life』に取り上げるが、地理的な距離から考えるとこれが最も面白いだ。

*Tucker M.D., Jim B.. Return to Life (p. 85, 86). St. Martin’s Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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