By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

January 14, 2021

As I wrote before, my grandfather died when I was a 4th grader in elementary school. After he died, there was nobody to really take over the care of his coffee orchard, so I took on the task myself.

One of the tasks in maintaining our six-acre orchard was spraying herbicide. In those days, there were only two herbicides in general use: aromatic oil and 2,4-D. Since 2,4-D was a systemic herbicide that only worked on broadleaves, the majority of what I used was aromatic oil, which was a contact herbicide.

Spraying was done using my grandfather’s knapsack sprayer which leaked. I wore Japanese jikatabi without socks when I sprayed herbicide and did other agricultural tasks.

One day, I noticed a discoloration on the upper part of one of my feet and this progressed to cracking of the skin and severe itching.

My mom took me to the local clinic where one of the only two doctors in the area examined my foot. He took one look at it and diagnosed it as “Filipino Itch.” It seems that the Filipino farm workers engaged in spraying herbicide wearing sneakers and the aromatic oil caused a chemical dermatitis that was common among them.

My mom bought me some rubber boots and the Filipino Itch resolved itself in a week or so.



一つの仕事は除草剤散布だった。当時には2種類の除草剤しかなかった。それらは接触型除草剤 である芳香油と浸透性除草剤 2,4-D2,4-Dは広葉用除草剤だったため、大半の散布は芳香油だった。






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