By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

January 4, 2021


Many folks who are reading this article will never have heard of the insecticide DDT. It was developed by the Swiss chemist Müller in 1939 and he won a Nobel Prize for it in 1948. It was also one of the chemicals that received a few pages of attention in my college physical chem text in the early 1970s.

It was widely used in WWII to control typhus in mosquito-infested battlegrounds and almost wiped out the disease where it was used. In 1945 permission for use in agriculture was granted and it nearly wiped out malaria in North America and Europe. Japanese people who were alive at the end of WWII probably remember being dusted with its powder formulation, which was used for flea and lice control.

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote her famous book, “Silent Spring” which set off a firestorm of protests against the use of DDT, especially because it was purported to be thinning the egg shells of wild birds. This resulted in most uses of DDT being prohibited in the US in 1972. Most developed countries followed the US by banning DDT in the 1970s and ’80s.

Today, only South Africa still uses the chemical under WHO guidelines.

DDT (殺虫剤)

この記事を読んでいる数多くの読者は『DDT』のことが聞いたことがないだと思う。DDT1939年にスイス化学者ミュラー 氏によって開発した。彼は1948年にその発見でノーベル賞を受賞した。1970初期には私の大学の物理化学教科書には数ページの説明もあった覚えがあるので有名な化学物質だった。


1962年にラチェル・ルイス・カーソン氏が有名な「Silent Spring」のDDTの環境影響の小説を書いた。特にDDTの野生鳥の卵殻の厚さに影響していることが指摘された。それにより、DDTの反対運動が出来て1972年アメリカ国内の殆どの使用が禁じられた。他の先進国が70年代と80年代にアメリカと同じように使用禁止にした。



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