By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

January 3, 2021

As I was reading psychiatrist Dr. Jim Tucker’s “Return to Life”, I found an interesting case* taken from his mentor Dr. Ian Stevenson in which one of his associates, Francis Story visited a man in Thailand who claimed to have been reincarnated from a life as a snake.

It seemed that he had been a python in his previous life and had been killed by a local hunter. He also claimed to have been a deer in his life before the python. The man’s name was Dalawong and when he was three, he came face to face with the man who killed him in his life as a snake. He was able to give details that only the man would know.

Interestingly enough, Dalawong also suffered from ichthyosis, wherein the skin takes on the appearance of fish scales.

The case is extremely interesting because it would suggest that some humans have had recent animal past lives.

*Tucker M.D., Jim B.. Return to Life (pp. 38 -40). St. Martin’s Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


精神科医であるジム・タッカーの『Return to Life』を読んでいる途中に面白い症例*を見つけた。彼の有名な輪廻研究者恩人であったイアン・スチーブンスン医学博士の仲間のフランシス・ストーリーがタイ国で蛇から生まれ変わった男を訪問し、インタビューをした。


更に面白いのは ダラウオング氏が魚鱗癬 にも悩まされていた。


Tucker M.D., Jim B.. Return to Life (pp. 38 -40). St. Martin’s Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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