By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

January 2, 2021

2021 Predictions

December 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021

Uploaded Jan. 2, 2021



For those of you new to my predictions, at the end of and sometimes at the beginning of each year, I meditate and try to peer into the future. Overall, my accuracy rate is about 70%, so you should not take everything I predict as inevitable because many predictions will fail to materialize.

The future is always difficult to see because there are many different possible timelines. This year was especially so because of the symbolic imagery that was present in my visions. In addition, most of the timelines followed a theme of a world war with China, which made them extremely painful to view. Thus, this year’s visions and predictions point to a future that I hope will never become a reality!

I have marked what I saw in my visions with asterisks. What I intuited has been left unmarked.


*This will be a year of volcanic activity around the world.

*Major seismic event in the Christmas Island – Indonesia – Sri Lanka region. Volcanic activity: on the West Coast of the US, Alaska, Japan and in the Ring of Fire, Chile.

*Something goes wrong with communications networks resting on the sea floor around the world. In particular those in the Pacific, North and South Atlantic are of concern since they were glowing the hottest in my vision, however, all of the networks were highlighted in red.

*Wind and cloud movements were fast and furious around the world in my vision for 2021. Typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes are all on the table. Fierce winter snowstorms sweeping through Russia and the upper regions of China stretching out over Japan. Heavy snowfalls blowing in from Canada into the US.

*In viewing the situation in the US, I got imagery which explained that it is a religious war between Christianity (Trump) and Satanism (Biden, Clinton, Obama). A dragon (China) has already arisen to help them conquer America. To summmarize, the current division in the US is a religious war.

Global war with China and the US is in center stage. The US begins to use Sci-Fi weapons.

Long term side-effects from the SARS 2 CoV19 vaccines begin to be noticed mid-year.

The SARS 2 CoV19 virus mutates so much that the current vaccines cannot keep up with the mutations.


The US was really hard to view this year. There were so many timelines and branches as they moved forward! I’ll describe the one with the strongest possibilities.

In the strongest timeline, Trump becomes the president and immediately has to quell the insurrection mounted by the socialist democrats against the country. *Biden faded out in all of his futures that I saw and disappeared, leaving it up to his Chinese bought and paid for administration comrades to destroy America’s economy and let China take over.

In the Trump future, China goes to war with the US. The US pushes China back so hard that the war ends quickly, although it might continue into 2022. Within the US, there are many skirmishes between Chinese fifth-column traitors and the defenders of liberty in America.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft tried to buy influence in Congress to prepare for a China-dominated America led by Biden. In the Trump future, their companies get investigated and dissolved.

*Chinese troops were on American soil in the Northwest and West Coast in two of the future timelines I viewed.

The wide extent of Chinese spying and fifth column activities becomes apparent during the year.

The US will have to deal with natural disasters from wind (tornadoes, hurricanes, super winter storms) during the year as well as earth movements in the West Coast region.

The coronavirus panic disappears later in the year.

2021 is going to be a chaotic year in the US.


*China suffers from wind and water disasters during the year.

They start a war that will involve the US. It happens soon in the Trump future.

Problems with the Internet affect China during the year more than other countries because of their heavy dependence on it.

Chinese businesses fail one after the other as their economy fails (*I saw a lot of deserted factories and buildings in all of the futures).

China’s war efforts decimate its economy and its military starts to falter with soldiers deserting after it begins to be defeated around the world. It’s pandemic bioterrorist attack on the world coupled with its attempts to pose as a savior to usurp countries resources unravels as more countries become aware of what they’ve done.


Japan’s slow introduction of vaccinations will prove to be a blessing in disguise. The government’s suppression of the number of infections and the disease becoming endemic in the population will give the majority acquired immunity without a vaccine and the naturally acquired immunity will prove effective against mutations the vaccines can’t control. It will also avoid having the majority of the population suffering from vaccine side-effects.

The pandemic causes more bankruptcies, but it also creates many new companies and services, many of which are digital. This helps to restart the economy more than the expensive stimulus programs promoted by the government.

PM Suga’s popularity continues to diminish as he tries to push his unpopular programs (My Number, digitalization to control citizens…) on the population. *His weak stance on China causes problems with the Senkakus and Yaeyama Islands.

The Japanese people will want to re-elect ex-PM Shizo Abe.

Japan will have problems with typhoons this year. Volcanic activity around the country (Kyushu, Mt. Fuji area, Nagano, Hokkaido).

*In all of the future timelines I followed, Japan will be tested on the Senkakus.

Japan begins making “home-grown”weapons to face the Chinese threat.

The Pacific region between Japan and Australia becomes the hottest zone in the war between the US and China.

Japan will be forced to choose sides between the US and China.

Ties with S. Korea deteriorate even more as S. Korea gets closer to China.

If and when the Olympics gets held, it will turn out to be more of a national tournament than an Olympics.

Japan wakes up to the extensive Chinese spy network infesting its government and industries.


Australia joins the US in its war against China. New Zealand follows later.

South America

Seismic activity along the coast of Chili. South America begins to use its resources to recover from the pandemic. Most of those who survive the pandemic without vaccines will be immune and the economies of many South American countries will start to take off. The war does not affect them as much as the rest of the world.



China attempts to leverage its assets on the continent to boost its war efforts. Immigrant Chinese workers in Africa come under attack as the countries attempts to steal resources become more and more evident.


Taiwan is attacked by China and fights back valiantly. In the Trump future, America comes to its aid quickly and it becomes one of the US’s strongest allies.


China moves towards taking over the islands and the people throw President Duterte out.


India joins the war and sides with the US.


The Chinese pandemic wrecks the economies of the EU countries so badly that many choose dictatorships to try to recover.


Russia sides with the US against China in the Trump future, but with China in the others.






数多くの可能なタイムラインがあるので未来を視るのはとても難しい。今年はその問題に加わって、シンボル(象徴 )も多かったのでその解読もあった。更に、殆どのタイムラインには中国の世界大戦があったので視るのが辛かった。今年の予測の殆どが外れるように祈っている

ビジョン で視たものを*でマークした。直観のものはそのまま。



*クリスマス島・インドネシア・スリランカ地域には地震擾乱 。火山活動:アメリカの西海岸、アラスカ、日本を含む環太平洋火山帯、チリ











Google, Facebook, Amazon Microsoftは議員に賄賂を渡し、後の中国の操り人形であるバイデン政権が支配するアメリカに有利な法律を求めるだが、トランプ未来には調査が入り、解散させられる。



アメリアは強風による自然災害(竜巻、ハリケーン、強烈な雪寒波)や西海岸の地球運動 にも対応しなければならない。

コロナウイルス パニックが年の後半までに落ち着く。










日本のゆっくりしたワクチン導入が不幸に見えても結局は幸福になる。政府の感染者数の隠しやGo Toプログラムで日本のほとんどの人口が感染し、自然獲得免疫ができる。その自然獲得免疫はワクチンが効かないウイルス変異株から人口を護。更にワクチンの後遺症の恐れがなくなる。































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