By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

October 1, 2020

I made it a point to observe the drivers in the cars around me as I was driving to Sakai yesterday to see how many were wearing masks while driving alone. The result was an astounding one to two ratio or about a half of drivers all by themselves wearing masks.

Likewise, I took note of the number of pedestrians wearing masks walking along the road on uncrowded sidewalks. The number seemed to be almost 100 percent.

People no longer seem to be thinking about when mask wearing is really necessary…






English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS



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2. Lost Witch (The second book)

3. Fate & Magic (The final book in the trilogy)

II. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire Trilogy

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2. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Returns

3. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Challenges (The final book in the trilogy)

III. Fantasy fiction set in Japan

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IV. Fantasy fiction set outside of Japan

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