By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

July 7, 2020

If you’re younger than thirty years old, then you probably have no memory of film cameras. The first commercial digital camera came out in 1989 and has taken over photography ever since.

The digital camera revolutionized picture taking, but at the same time, it cheapened the value of photos. In the days of film, you were stuck with what you had framed when you snapped the shutter. There was no “delete” and another chance to re-shoot the photo. Since even “bad” photos were on the same roll of film, you’d have to pay for their developing along with the others. Thus, people were more careful when they took photos. Today, you can snap hundreds of photos and choose the ones you want. This has led to a mentality where people just point and shoot with no thought of framing and analyzing what they’re seeing beforehand.

It’s helped create the sloppy work habits of today, where you can type or photograph something and copy, paste and alter it in all kinds of ways to make up for what you should have done in the beginning. The digital revolution isn’t bad, but it has made us all more careless.







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