By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

May 24, 2020

Yesterday I received a request for a reading on a sofa via LINE. The woman who made the request was shopping at a used furniture shop with her married daughter and granddaughter. All three of them are quite psychically sensitive, but still haven’t developed their powers. According to her message, the price was very attractive and they were considering buying it, but they sensed something about it and decided to ask me to look at it.

I looked at the photo and knew that the owner didn’t want to sell it. I got images of an empty house with clothes in the closets and spoiled food left in the refrigerator. It made me pretty certain that the sofa came from someone who’d skipped town to escape from debt and had probably been picked up and sold by whoever had successfully bid for the house.

I advised them against buying it and explained that psychically sensitive people like themselves would automatically pick up on the sense of regret in the sofa and would feel a sense of loss and sadness when they sat in it.

Used furniture is usually all right, but sometimes there are things that go with it.








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