By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

May 19, 2020

2020: One Hell of a Year

Most of you who follow my blog have read my predictions for 2020 (and 2019 probably as well). This year was a difficult year to put into words because of the many bad futures that seemed to be waiting. I made it a point to write down only those with the strongest probabilities of occurring and kept the rest to myself (and believe me, there were a lot of them, including food shortages around the world).

Unfortunately, quite a few of my predictions are coming true. I’m hoping that the one about war between the US and China doesn’t.






English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS



I. Majoh Gakuin and Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools Trilogy

1. Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools

2. Lost Witch (The second book)

3. Fate & Magic (The final book in the trilogy)

II. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire Trilogy

1. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire

2. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Returns

3. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Challenges (The final book in the trilogy)

III. Fantasy fiction set in Japan

1. 21st Century Ninja

2. Regressed

3. Japanese Woman

IV. Fantasy fiction set outside of Japan

1. Dimension Jumpers