By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

May 16, 2020

Japan’s politicians are bickering about the start of the school year, which currently begins in April. Some of them want to switch it to September under the pretext of globalization, but the reality is that the school shut-down due to the Wuhan coronavirus has created a lag in the progress of children’s education that they want to cover up with a shift to a September start.

Both systems of starting school attendance in accordance with a preset school year are outdated in this day and age of online education!

The child’s birth date should be used as the determinant of when he or she begins school. This would eliminate the current time lag of almost a year between students, which is quite large in developmental psychology. It would give each student a fair and even start on his or her educational career.

Schools could give the first grade or kindergarten student online access set to begin on his or her birthday and allow the child to progress from there.

Teachers could proctor the exams for classes online or in person at school, with the child attending only to take the exams. Students would be free to progress at their own rate and graduate from even high school at 14 if they’re capable of it.

Ceremonies could stay the same as they are at present with students that joined or finished during that year participating with parents and guardians watching.

Subjective subjects like music, art and physical education need to be re-examined and discarded or turned into elective, non-mandatory subjects. Likewise, school sports and club activities need to be shifted outside the schools to organizations in a world where outbreaks are likely to become the norm.

The function of schools themselves need to be rethought and teachers have to learn how to project themselves online and support courses offered through the same mode of communication.

It’s time for Japan to stop copying other countries and to move ahead in the digital world with their own system independent of the school year. The culturally important ceremonies can be left in place since they provide memories and markers for the children. Forget about mimicking other countries failing educational systems and create something equitable and beneficial for the child!





保護者に子供の誕生日から学年のオンライン アクセスを与え、そこから子供が自分のスピードで進めば良い。







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