By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

May 10, 2020

I’d been under the impression that the Abe cloth mask fiasco wherein the administration ordered cloth masks for the entire Japanese population and received dirty, substandard masks in children’s sizes was finished when it was revealed that they’d been duped by the manufacturers.

Yesterday’s TV news announced that the masks would be delivered this month. Delivery of the masks will cost a huge amount of money in postage charges in a situation where many Japanese hospitals are on the verge of closing due to a lack of money stemming from coronavirus fears keeping patients away.

PM Abe should obviously let the issue die, but instead he’s chosen to take a whip to the proverbial horse in an effort to revive it. The Abe mask should be given to the school boards in the prefectures and they should be allowed to check and distribute them to the schools when they have time. The kids can use them when they serve school lunches.


英語には『flog a dead horse』と言う表現がある。自分の酷い行動で殺した馬を鞭で叩いて生き起こすとの意味だ。即ち、完全な無意味の行動を言う。例のマスクが「小さ過ぎて、汚れたり、カビが生えたりしている」ことで全国報道で有名になっているのでその配布を諦めたと思っていた。だって、その問題だらけのマスクの配布には膨大な郵送料が掛かる。




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