By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

April 15, 2020

Cleaning and Reusing N95 Respirators

The FDA has Emergency Use Authorizations for cleaning and reusing the limited supplies of N95 respirators. The machines that are being approved use a process tested and confirmed by Duke University which uses hydrogen peroxide vapor to decontaminate N95 respirators.

The STERRAD series sterilization machines in use at many US hospitals for the decontamination of other equipment appear to be able to do the job as well. Their use has been added to the already cleared Battelle’s cleaning system. Both systems use vaporized hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and clean the masks.

Some other methods have been tried for sterilization with alcohol and chlorine disinfection being shown to damage the masks. UV and steam have also been used successfully. See the PDFs available from this link for more details.

Japan might have something similar they could put into use to ease the shortage.


米国の食品医薬品局(FDA)は数の限れたN95医療用マスクの消毒・再利用に緊急使用認可を再び出した。許可された機械はデューク大学 が調べて確認した過酸化水素ガスで消毒を行い、数多くの機械は既に米国の病院に設置されており、他の医療器具の消毒に使用されている。






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