By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

March 21, 2020

Quarantine Shaming

In an AP article yesterday entitled, “‘Quarantine shaming’: US navigates radical new social norms” Gillian Flaccus outlines how Americans are now expressing their irritation at those who ignore social distancing for their own selfish pleasures.

According to the article, a person who posted photos on Instagram of a small dinner gathering of local business leaders at a local restaurant was blasted for his actions in the current COVID-19 environment where people are being encouraged to self-isolate. Likewise, the people who flocked to the less-populated suburbs from LA as soon as schools were closed were singled out.

It made me think about Japan and the large numbers of people (especially teenagers) who are ignoring the government’s admonition to stay home and refrain from unnecessary travel.

As we enter the 2nd day of the requested ban on travel between Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, I keep thinking of how selfish some Japanese have become. The TV showed interviews of people asking them about their reactions to the ban and I was appalled by the number of interviewees who had no intent to change their plans to visit Osaka from Hyogo for personal pleasure. Their self-centered actions will help spread the virus even if they aren’t aware of it. Another person on the train or in a store will create a more crowded environment. It’s time for people to start using common sense and to start making decisions that will benefit the many and not only themselves.


昨日のネット配信のAP通信の「“‘Quarantine shaming’: US navigates radical new social norms隔離辱め:アメリカは画期的な社会基準を方向づける)記事には社会距離戦略を自分の娯楽のために無視する人に対してアメリカ人がそのわがままな人を辱めていることが取り上げられた。





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