By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

March 1, 2020

COVID-19 Dubious Figures

S. Korea had reported 3,150 infection cases as of Saturday, February 29th with 17 deaths. The spread is suspected to have started on February 10 when a 61 year old female member of a religious sect attended services. This gives a time line of 19 days.

China reported 62 cases on January 17 from a start estimated to have begun around December 8. In January they doubled the cases every 7.5 days. Comparing this to the S. Korean infections, it’s natural to suspect the Chinese data.

As for Japan, the government hasn’t been testing all of the suspect cases so nobody knows the real numbers, but I suspect that a large part of the population is infected, especially in the metropolises where Chinese tourists were roaming around Japan while the infection rates were soaring in their country.

I have a feeling all hell is going to break loose once real testing starts to be implemented in Japan. The figures are probably going to be in the tens of thousands…







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