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December 23, 2019

Psychomanteum (4)

This is the last of the series of posts about the psychomanteum. Links to the earlier posts can be found at the end of the Japanese section of this article.

Dr. Moody went on to study over a hundred subjects in his psychomanteum.

As he went on he noted the following interesting findings.

Non-targeted Encounters

He estimated that about 25% of the subjects were met by someone other than the deceased person targeted.

Variations in Form and Manifestation

Mirror Manifestation: About 50% of the subjects viewed the deceased person in the mirror. Communication was between the person in the mirror and the subject. Out of these, 15% said that they heard the audible voice of the person.

Delayed Manifestation: Dr. Moody refers to these as “take out visions” and mentions that they occurred in roughly 25% of the cases. The subject would leave the psychomanteum without making contact. The departed person would suddenly appear several hours or days later after the subject went home or to a hotel.

Physical Form: Dr. Moody mentions a case in which a woman’s departed son hugged her and picked her up physically, “lifting her right off the ground.”(1) In the initial set of ten subjects discussed in Psychomanteum (3) a grandmother hugged her granddaughter as well.

Age: Many of the deceased appeared to be at various ages younger than their death and in good health.

(1) Moody, Raymond. Paranormal (p. 208). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

サイコマンティアム(4 []







遅延出現:ムーディー先生はこれらを「take out visions (持ち帰りビジョン)」として名付けた。全例の25%にあったと語った。サイコマンティアム内に何も現れず、数時間、または数日間が経って、被験者が自宅、ホテルなどに戻ってから現れたケースだ。



(1) Moody, Raymond. Paranormal (p. 208). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.


サイコマンティアム(1) Psychomanteum (1)

サイコマンティアム(2) Psychomanteum (2)

サイコマンティアム(3) Psychomanteum (3)


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