By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

December 16, 2019

In North America and Hawaii, 911 is the number used to access emergency services, which include law enforcement, ambulance, fire and rescue. In 96% of the US, calling 911 will connect the caller with a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAT) that will automatically give the dispatcher the address the call originates from. The dispatcher at the PSAT will send out emergency responders.

Japan uses 119 (the reverse of 911) for their fire, rescue and ambulance services and 110 for law enforcement.


日本には消防や救急隊要請番号は『119』だけど、北米(ハワイも含む)では全ての緊急要請は『911』となる。警察、救急、消防が全てその番号で対応されている。その番後を廻すとPublic Safety Answering Point (PSAP)(緊急応答機関)の局に電話が転送される。そこからその事態に応じての警察・消防などに連絡を取り、派遣される。


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