By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

November 28, 2019

Shared Death Experiences (SDEs)

Dr. Raymond Moody, the famous author of “Life after life” which is widely regarded as being the first book to delve into NDAs (near death experiences) writes of his investigation into the phenomenon of Shared Death Experiences in his autobiography quite appropriately entitled “Paranormal*.”

He describes an experience he shared with his two sisters, their husbands and his wife at his mother’s deathbed. He relates feeling as if they were being pulled upwards and that his sister announced that their father had come to take their mom. All of them reported a change in the lighting in the room with it becoming “soft and fuzzy.”

The idea that people share the same experiences when in the presence of a dying loved one intrigued him and he began research into what he dubbed “shared death experiences.”

After his personal shared death experience, he began researching the phenomenon, which I’ll write about in another blog post in the near future.

*Moody, Raymond, M.D.. Paranormal . HarperOne. Kindle Edition.




6人が共に経験した同じ現象に彼が興味を持ち、彼が名付けた『shared death experience [SDE] (共有死経験)』に対する研究を始めた。



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