By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

November 9, 2019

The Japanese government is embroiled in a controversy regarding subjecting prospective university students to English exams developed and graded by private companies.

In addition, the move to introduce English education in elementary schools has been underway for the past few years.

My question is, “Is this really helpful for everyone?”

Some kids are quick learners and will suck up knowledge like vacuum cleaners, while others struggle to master even a single lesson in class. Why should English take priority over learning Japanese? Learning a second language at the grade school level takes time away from studying subjects like Japanese and arithmetic that the student will absolutely need later in life.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink priorities and prevent wash-outs who are failures in all subjects due to being forced to have study extraneous subjects like English.

In a like vein, perhaps college entry exams that require English should be restricted to those that require it for mastery of a major and exempted for those majoring in subjects like Japanese.








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