By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

November 1, 2019

One of the questions on an exam in the EMT course I’m working through to get insights on differences between the US medical system and Japan’s was quite interesting. I’ve revised it slightly to keep from making it an exact copy, but the fine points are the same.

Situation: Your ambulance is called to respond to a scene where a 42 y/o male has been assaulted with a bat in his home by three unknown assailants. The mother of the victim who phoned in the call reports that he’s bleeding profusely from multiple head wounds, as well as from his nose and mouth. The police are on their way and will arrive in ten minutes.

Where should you stage your ambulance?

a. at least a mile away.

b. in front of the home (backed into place for a quick departure)

c. on the side of the street (facing the direction of your hospital transport) in front of the house

The correct answer is “a.” The reason is that the assailants still might be near the scene and could be armed. Bullets travel for at least a mile and you might be in danger of getting shot. You’ll need to wait for the police to clear the scene before getting closer.





a) 少なくとも1マイル(1.6km)離れた場所に

b) 被害者の家の前に(手当後すぐ発車できるようにバックし)

c) 被害者の家の前の道路横に(搬送方向に向けて駐車)



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原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


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