By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Many people my age and those taught by the same learned how to treat nosebleeds by having the person lie down while tilting their head upwards after wiping the excess blood off and giving them a tissue to pack into their nose. Later, some of us learned to have them press the soft portion over the nasal opening to help stop the bleeding.

The news is that the treatment has changed. Under current medical treatment guidelines you should:

1) Have the patient sitting facing forward with the back and head straight (not pointing up at the ceiling).*

2) Have the patient blow his or her nose (this is to remove any blood clots than may form bumps which will prevent a seal when compressing the soft part of the nose afterwards)

3) Have the patient firmly pinch the soft part of his nose above the nostrils for **5-15 minutes. Do not release pressure to check if the bleeding has stopped before at least 5 minutes have passed.

The above procedure should cure almost all anterior nosebleeds which comprise 90% of epistaxis cases. Posterior nosebleeds high up in the nose may require a trip to the doctor.

*Pointing the patient’s head up to the ceiling sends the blood into the stomach and may cause nausea or vomiting

**The passage of time before releasing pressure is the key to stopping nosebleeds.

Material from: Lecture by Dr. Whitney Barrett, MD, Asst. Professor, School of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado






2) ティッシュペーパーを渡してしっかり鼻をかむように指導*

3) 指で鼻孔上の柔らかい部分をしっかりつまんで、510分間待つ。5分が経つ前には絶対に出血が止まったかを調べない!




***上の治療法はDr. Whitney Barrett, MD, Asst. Professor, School of Emergency Medicine, University of Coloradoの講義から引用


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