By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Diabetes in America and Japan

I was listening to a lecture in the University of Colorado EMT course by Whitney Barrett, M.D. who stated that ” About 30 million Americans have diabetes or 9 percent of the population. Of these people, about 1.25 million have type 1 diabetes. Diabetes and its complications are the number one cause of death in the US and it probably contributes to even more deaths.”

I recalled the many of my classmates and folks I know in Hawaii and the US who suffer from the disease and wondered how the ratio compared to Japan, where very few of the people in my circle of friends suffer from the disease.

A quick web search revealed that there were about 7.2 million cases of diabetes (7.7 percent of the population) suffering from diabetes in 2017 in Japan.


Whitney Barrett医師のコロラド大学EMTコースの講義で「約30,000,000人、即ち、人口の9%は糖尿病にかかっている。その内の約1,250,000はタイプ1糖尿病にかかっている。糖尿病やその合併症はアメリカでの1番目の死因で、恐らくそれ以上の死因にも関連しているだろう。」を知った。




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