By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

You might have heard someone talking about the nervous system and mentioning “neurons”, while wondering what in the world a “neuron” was?

A neuron is a nerve cell with things sticking out of it (neurites). Some of the neurites receive information and transmit it to the cell. They are called “dendrites.” The longer thread-like thing sticking out of the nerve cell that conducts information to target cells is called an axon.

The cell skeleton (cytoskeleton) of a neuron is made up of fiber-like elements and their associated proteins.

Neurons are classified by the number of things (processes) sticking out of them.

Pseudounipolar Neurons: These neurons have one process that comes out of the cell body and branches into two.

An example of this kind of neuron is the baroreceptor-sensitive cell that senses changes in blood pressure.

Bipolar Neurons: These neurons have two processes sticking out of them on opposite sides. One process ends up as a dendrite and the other is an axon (think of receiving and sending information). Examples can be found in the retina of the eye and in the cochlea of the ear.

Multipolar Neurons: These neurons have three or more dendrites and a single long axon. They are the most common of the neurons in the human body. The motor neuron in the spinal cord would be an example of this kind of neuron.



簡単に説明すると『ニューロン』とは線のようなもの(神経突起)が突き出ている神経細胞だ。いくつかの 神経突起が情報を受けて細胞に伝達する。その情報を受ける神経突起は樹状突起と呼ばれる。神経細胞のより長い突き出ている線維が情報をターゲット細胞に伝達する。その情報を目的細胞へ運ぶ役割を果たす線維は『軸索』と呼ばれる。










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