By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

August 31, 2019

An elderly doctor is making his rounds in a palliative care unit with a group of very bright medical students.

He pulls up the medical records of the patient in bed on the computer and asks the students, “Quick! What does BUN mean?”

All of the students raise their hands and he points to one who answers, “Blood Urea Nitrogen.”

He reads through the record and asks, “What does GFR mean?”

The smartest student quickly answers, “Glomerular Filtration Rate.”

He reads down the chart and says what does “ATE” mean?

The students fall silent and one timidly asks, “What kind of values does it have?”

The doctor answers 630, 1100 and 1800.

All of the students start sweating as they search through their memories of all the information they’d learned in med school and finally, the brightest one says, “We give up, professor. What does it mean?

The professor laughs and says, “It means that the patient had a meal. The recording nurse typed “Ate” in capital letters. The nurse left out the colon between the times while typing. If you’re going to become doctors, you’ve got to learn to use your heads and not just rely on your memory of learned facts.






一番賢い生徒は「 Glomerular Filtration Rate糸球体ろ過量率 」と答えた。



先生が「630, 1100, 1800」と答えながら、「画面を見なさい」と指示した。





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