By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

August 23, 2019

The idiot politicians have outdone themselves with their new upcoming tiered sales tax. In addition to complicating things with a prejudicial point system to kick things off (people who don’t use cashless payments won’t be able to get points), they decided to continue to tax food at 8% to try to convince their constituents that “they care.”

To make things even worse, they’ve determined that the food you eat sitting in a restaurant or in front of the establishment where you bought the food is taxable at 10%. I know, it’s the same food, but that’s not how they see it.

What they probably are failing to foresee are the people (think foreign tourists, etc.) who are counting their yen and won’t pay that extra 2%. They’ll probably take their food out to eat it and throw the trash in the street. Litter collection costs are going to go up!

持ち帰り=8%; 店内飲食=10%





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