By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

When I wrote out this spell, I forgot that some people reading this might not know about spell basics and forgot to include the explanation for someone trying their first spell, so I’m adding the information in this revision.

If you have a pesky person that you don’t want hanging around you, you might want to try using a banishing powder.

You’ll need:

Black pepper

Cayenne powder


Sea salt


Mix everything together. As you mix the ingredients, summon up an image of the person you’d like to banish and say, “Let this mixture serve to keep (person’s name) out of my presence.” Once you get used to creating the spell you can say the words in your mind, but for the first few times, it will work better if you say them aloud. Put some on the clothes or shoes of the person you want to banish from your life. Alternately, sprinkle it on the ground in a place where the undesirable person will have to step on it or over it.













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