By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

While May Day in Japan is associated with labor unions, in Hawaii it is a day of celebration and wearing leis.


Every child in Hawaii knows the song, “May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.” and elementary schools throughout the state hold celebrations where a May Day King and Queen and their court as well as princesses and princes from the major islands are chosen and reign on a stage decorated with flowers and ti leaves. Of course, all of the children wear leis on that day at one time or another. Parents, grandparents and friends provide an enthusiastic audience that gives the event an even more festive atmosphere.


In my day, each class presented something with a cultural theme and the children danced (including the hula) as part of the ceremonies. I still remember my seventh grade year when our class was called on to produce something with a Japanese theme. I borrowed my uncle’s yukata and recall that we sang “Sukiyaki“, better known in Japan as “Ue wo muite arukou.


One of the big events of May Day was dancing around a Maypole, which was a pole with colorful streamers attached to the top. Each child would take a streamer and weave in and out to eventually form a multi-colored weave on the pole.


Even today, Hawaiian schools continue the tradition of May Day, which is said to date back to 1928.





ハワイ州の子供達全員は“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii” (ハワイではメー・デーはレイの日)の歌を知っている。全州の小学校ではティの葉っぱや花飾りの舞台上に生徒達から選ばれた国王・女王や各島からの王子・王女や廷臣が祭りを見守る。勿論、子供達はその日にレイを掛ける。両親・親戚・友人などが観客として参加するのでお祭りの雰囲気が増される。







By Billy Hammond (Copyright A.E.L.S)


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