By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about facebook. He apparently has an account with several thousand “friends” and receives all kinds of criticism in comments. He asked me if I’d experienced problems with hurtful comments and such.

My answer was “No” because I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know. I also check my friends list from time to time and get rid of those people who somehow manage to get on the list (I sure didn’t add them). I also told him that if a friend posts a comment about me that I don’t like, I’ll simply delete him from my friends list.

As for facebook’s messenger, I stopped using that several years ago when they started their cash transfer service.

For me, facebook is a nice way to keep in touch with high school classmates, old friends and other people I want to stay in contact with. The key to using it is to control what you see in it (you can’t control the flood of ads). Also, if it ever gets out of control, I’ll delete my account permanently.







English books by Billy Hammond published by AELS



I. Majoh Gakuin and Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools Trilogy

1. Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools

2. Lost Witch (The second book)

3. Fate & Magic (The final book in the trilogy)

II. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire Trilogy

1. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire

2. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Returns

3. Brindle – Scryer Extraordinaire – Challenges (The final book in the trilogy)

III. Fantasy fiction set in Japan

1. 21st Century Ninja

2. Regressed

3. Japanese Woman

IV. Fantasy fiction set outside of Japan

1. Dimension Jumpers