By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

The Abe administration is set to implement the increase the Japanese consumption tax from the current steep 8% to a tithing 10% in October.

While there are many flaws in this patchwork increase, I’ll focus on what I consider to be the most unfair section of it which will benefit only credit card and e-cash users and be paid for by everyone.

Under the new tax system, people paying for goods or services at small to medium-sized businesses will receive a 2% point-back “gift” from the credit card or e-cash service for a limited time (some articles say up to the 2020 Olympics).

This discriminates against people who don’t have credit cards or who don’t wish to use e-cash. What really sucks is that the point-back 2% will be paid to the credit card and e-cash companies with the tax money they pay. Talk about discrimination at its worst!







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