By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I was thumbing through my physiology notes from a class five years ago and I found the section on Body Fluids. Here are some interesting points from my notes.

The 60-40-20 rule

The human body is about 60% water by weight (Total Body Water or TBW).

Intracellular Fluids (ICF or fluids in the cells) make up 40% of the body’s weight.

Extracellular Fluids (ECF [interstitial fluids and plasma]) account for 20% of the body’s weight.


The major cations of the ICF are K+ and Mg+.

The major anions of the ICF are protein and organophosphates (ATP, ADP, AMP)

I remember this as “KMag and the triple A’s


The major cation of the ECF is Na+

The major anions of the ECF are Cl and HCO3

I keep this in mind as “Salt (NaCl) and bicarbonate outside.

Plasma is one-fourth of the ECF

I use the mnemonic “Outside global plasma quarter” to remember this.

GlobAl = globulins and albumin = the major plasma proteins

Water shifts between compartments

ECF and ICF osmolarity are equal in the steady state. Water moves between ECF and ICF compartments to maintain this state.

All of this seems interesting but quite irrelevant until you start to think about shifts between the compartments and what they do to things like arterial blood pressure, hematocrit (the fraction of blood composed of red blood cells) and plasma proteins, but that’s a subject for another blog.

体液 (1)



人体の重量の60%は水分(TBW (Total Body Water) = 体内総水分量)

細胞内液量は体重の40% (ICF [Intracellular Fluid] = 細胞内液)

細胞外液量は体重の20%(ECF [Extracellular Fluid (間質液+プラズマ)] = 細胞外液

ICF ( 細胞内液)

ICFの主な陽イオンはK+ Mg+

ICFの主な陰イオンはタンパク質有機リン酸化合物(ATP, ADP, AMP)

ECF (細胞外液)


ECFの主な陰イオンはCl HCO3



暗記ヒント= GlobAl = Glob = Globulin; Al = Albumin





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